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I want to say a big thank you to every couple who submitted. Some of your stories had me teary-eyed and others made me laugh out loud, especially one particular story. I wish I could work with every single one of you! There were so many deserving couples that it was truly hard to narrow it down to just three, so I decided to add a fourth finalist!!! Some submissions were for dates already booked and I’m so sorry you were not able to participate. I also had 3 submissions with the same wedding date, all 3 stories were absolutely amazing but I could only choose one of those submissions. Again to all couples who entered, thank you so much for sharing your stories with me, I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every one of them! Congratulations on finding each other, I wish you the very best as you begin to plan your lives together.

Now on to the finalists… after much soul searching, I have finally made my decision.

I’m excited to announce the finalists for the “Lucky in Love” 2015 Wedding Photography Contest!

The Finalists:

Seth Winegardner & Annie White      Wedding Date: October 3, 2015

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Their Love Story: 
Seth and I met while in college at Ohio University through a mutual friend. We were all hanging out together one evening, and I noticed there was a cute guy in the room and that he happened to have his drink in a koozie with an airplane on it. My dad is a pilot and I’ve been flying all my life, so I asked him where he got it, which sparked our first conversation.
It turned out Seth was studying to be a pilot. We quickly bonded over our love for flying, and were friends from that evening on. I, of course, liked Seth from the first day I met him, and I think he knew, but I never told him. I liked him so much that I even set him up for a mini-internship to fly with my dad.
Seth and I remained very close friends, with some flirtation, throughout college. He would come to see my figure skating performances and we would hang out as much as we could with our mutual friends. It wasn’t until Seth and I both finished undergrad that we finally both admitted how much we liked each other as more than friends. I stayed at OU for grad school, while Seth took a pilot job based in Pittsburgh, PA.
Once school started, he came to visit me every weekend – and we never looked back. After I finished grad school, I ended up getting offered a job in politics (my other passion) in my hometown of Charleston, W.Va. He and I did long distance for yet another year until I was offered a job in Pittsburgh, and was finally able to join him. We got engaged two months after I moved!
As a nod to both our passions, we are planning to have our ceremony at the state capitol in Charleston, and we are going to have an aviation themed reception in an airplane hanger at Yeager Airport.
As two young professionals starting out, our wedding will be on a major budget, but having photos of the most important day of our lives is very important to both of us. I love the photos I have seen from you, especially Alexis and JD, who I have known for years!
Our wedding will be special and unique because it represents both of us, our love, our passions, and our relationship together from the beginning to our wedding day. The state capitol holds a special place in my heart because of my passion for politics, and my time working in it in Charleston. Our aviation themed reception will be unique, but also holds a special place in both our hearts, and we both have such a love for it!
Here are two photos of us right after getting engaged at the top of Mt. Washington in Pittsburgh, PA. Here we are flying to a dinner date for what we call a “hundred dollar hamburger”:
 Thank you so much, and I really look forward to hopefully working with you!

Cody Smith & Chelsea Belcher    Wedding Date: June 28, 2015

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Their Love Story: A knock on the door brought breakfast-in-bed provided by my boyfriend of 10 months, Cody Smith. We were in Miami, Florida and a few hours shy of setting sail on the Carnival Breeze cruise ship for 7 days with 15 members of Cody’s family. The sweet gesture was nothing out of the ordinary for Cody, and I ate happily. Little did I know that breakfast was just the beginning of Cody’s plan to make June 2, 2013 the happiest day of my life. ​We spent our first day aboard the ship soaking up the sun and seeing everything the cruise had to offer. After a formal dinner that evening, Cody asked if I would like to take a walk around the boat deck to see what everything looked like under the night sky. “But BINGO starts at 9!” was my first response. After some persistence on his part, I gave in if only he promised that our walk would be short so I wouldn’t miss the first bingo number called. During our walk, we came to a vacant hammock where Cody asked if I would like to sit. He held the hammock as I sat down and proceeded to join me. As he began to sit, he caught the edge of the hammock and flipped both of us onto the ship deck floor! As I quickly began to stand and fix the dress I was wearing, I could hear the laughter and felt all eyes around on us. Cody and I both left that area as quickly as possible, continuing our walk with tears of laughter streaming down our faces. ​It was becoming closer to 9 P.M., and Cody remembered his bingo promise. Needing money to play, we both went to our separate rooms to get what we needed. As I came out of mine, I noticed his door was propped open and decided to step in. What I saw then immediately brought me to tears. In the middle of the floor, down on one knee, was Cody. I cannot recall a word he said except for the last phrase – “Chelsea, will you marry me?” My response was quick, as I needed no time to think. “Yes” was the only thing I could say through teary eyes and complete shock. We spent a few moments taking in what had just occurred, where he let me know his plan was to propose on the hammock and I was too worried about a game of Bingo. Shortly after, we found his family and told everyone of our exciting news. The rest of the night felt perfect, receiving hugs from his family and retelling the proposal over and over. Even though his first plan did not quite work out, we have had great laughs telling of the moments that led up to his proposal. The rest of the week upon the Carnival Breeze was more than perfect, and for those of you wondering.. Yes, we did make it to Bingo on time J ​Cody and I have a relationship that is special. We are able to laugh, be silly, and poke fun at each other. We come together during hard times and solve disagreements before they begin to arise. We enjoy sports- especially Pittsburgh Pirate baseball-and love being surrounded by our family. Cody has showed me nothing but love and support from the start. He has been therewith me through 3 years of college, encouraging me each day to keep pushing toward my dreams. My favorite part about our relationship is that we decided from the start to make God #1 in our lives, each other 2nd. By doing this, it has made our relationship stronger and the Lord has blessed us greatly! If we won this “Lucky in Love” contest, it would mean so much to us. This next year is going to be a very busy time for both of us. Cody is a conductor for CSX, so he is on the road alot for work. I will be graduating in May with my Ultrasound/Bachelor of Science degree from Marshall University. We also found out recently that my sister (who is already a mommy to 2 boys, ages 5 and 2) will be welcoming identical twin girls into our lives around December. My sister is the only one in my bridal party, filling the Matron of Honor positions and all other duties assigned! However, the babies and her health come first and some planning will have to be put off until they arrive. Winning this package would be one big part of the wedding that I will not have to be concerned or worried about. I have been a fan of your work for years, and I know I would get the picture perfect moments of my special day captured! Wedding Colors: Mint and Blush Pink, I am going to add a hint of burlap, as well as some vintage decorations to the mix! Ceremony/Reception Venues: In progress

Scott McKillop & Lauren Statler    Wedding Date: June 27, 2015 

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Their Love Story:
On August 27, 2011 I got a “friend request” from San Francisco 49ers linebacker Scott McKillop. I sent him a message and said “Should I really be accepting a request from a former PITT football player?” (I am a PROUD WVU graduate). After over a year of talking via phone/text – we finally met on Sept, 27, 2012 after a football game in Morgantown. Even though it was a Saturday night in a crowded bar, we managed to find a spot at a booth and talked for hours. He was so friendly and comforting, I felt like I had known him forever! A month later, after commuting to see me in Morgantown from Export, PA, and many dates where we met half way in the little town of Connelsville PA, we became “official”, and two months later, during the holiday season – he asked my parents if I could move with him to Pittsburgh as he was having surgery on his torn ACL in January. We moved in together January 8, 2013 and he began the long road of rehabilitation, trying to get back on the professional football field. He wasn’t able to drive or stand for long periods of time, which strengthened our bond, as he had to put trust in me to take care of him.
Scott is the absolute most hard working, dedicated, kind man you will ever meet! Everyone who knows him would agree. He brings a smile and a positive attitude to every situation, and has overcome so many obstacles when it comes to his career. In February, he signed with the Canadian Football League, but on Easter Sunday of this year he was released. It was such a hard day for him and I felt so helpless, but we knew if we had each other – we would make it through anything.
Even on the days such as that one, where he just wanted to run and hide, he remained my absolute rock & I could not imagine my life without him. I admire his constant optimism and I know some of the time he puts on a brave face to calm me down, because this career path is a crazy one and you never know where it is going to take your family. He picks me up when I am down, he constantly makes me laugh, and he turns every situation into a learning experience. He is the true definition of what you want in a person to spend forever with.On July 7, 2014, we returned to the restaurant where our first date took place, for a casual family dinner. At the end of the meal I noticed the table was “uneven” and one of the legs was wobbling. I thought Scott had got down on the floor to stuff napkins under the table, to which I quickly grabbed his t-shirt and said “Get off the floor!!!! You are going to get your shorts dirty!!!” And that’s when I noticed he was on one knee – complete with a box in his hand. I don’t remember anything after that – as you can see from the picture my Aunt took – I was a crying mess.Our wedding is going to be themed off of our love of football. Navy blue & old golds for our Alma Mater’s (PITT/WVU) with a little bit of country wood details that Scott & I love. Morgantown is so rich in spirit, and kind people, and it is my second home. I couldn’t imagine our Wedding taking place anywhere else!
When I read your post about the contest and saw the comment about how emotional you get watching someone’s day unfold I really thought it would be the perfect match. We want someone who can truly capture the love we share with each other and also the love we share with all of those who will be there on our day!  We are both very sentimental people, constantly doing little things to show our love for one another – and we want someone who takes the photographs to be able to see through the flowers & reception hall and be able to see the moments that really mean something. (My friends also joke that I will be crying for the next year, I opened one of those Etsy hangers from my Matron of Honor and was sobbing at dinner. Hey! what can I say, the tears get the best of me!!)
Our love story is nothing too out of the ordinary, two people who met by chance and fell in deeply in love, but the relationship & bond we share is one in a million. I could not imagine my life without him, and together we can make it through anything! And I think that is definitely the definition of being Lucky in Love. Thanks for reading! Good luck with all the entries, Donna! Have a great day!

Corey Lambert & Casey Adkins    Wedding Date: August 22, 2015 

west virginia wedding photographers

Their Love Story:

“He had me at hello.” “It was love at first sight.” “We are meant to be.” “We met when we least expected it.”  I could start off my contest entry with one of those well-known love clichés, and explain how I feel they define my love for Corey Lambert.  I could go on a rant about how perfect we are for each other… and although it’s true, (he “completes me”), I’m sure the majority of the entries you’ve read have started off this way.

Corey and I’s (Casey) story began in October 2011, when we met in White Sulphur Springs, WV on a random Saturday night.  He was sitting alone at a bar and grill that I frequented, watching a football game and drinking a tall glass of ice water. I immediately knew that I HAD to meet him. That night changed my life forever. However, I’m going to fast forward a bit to August 2013, and tell you the story of how the man of my dreams proposed to me. After a long of summer of working hard and playing very little, Corey and I took a week-long vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We had an amazing time, but on Friday our week had come to an end and we packed our bags and prepared to check out of the resort we were staying at.  While loading up the car, we both came to the realization that neither of us had to return to work until that followingMonday.  Why on earth were we checking out when we could spend an additional day at the beach? Also, my 26th birthday was the very next day… what better way to celebrate your birthday than to be on the beach?  We visited the front desk of the resort but to our dismay, all rooms were completely booked for the night.  We quickly made the trip to South Myrtle and found a “value” hotel that we felt looked clean enough (if you’ve ever been to South Myrtle you know what I mean). After a long day of sun, sand, shopping, and eating, we returned to our “value” hotel room to catch some sleep.  I was so exhausted I could hardly keep my eyes open, and prepared myself for bed.  Corey, on the other hand, seemed unusually hyper and ecstatic.  It was about 11:45, almost my birthday, and Corey was begging me to come walk on the beach with him and look for shark’s teeth (yes, they do wash up on shore at night and are pretty easy to find).  I was so tired and was just not up to it.  He tried everything to get me out of bed, and I was just NOT having it. That is, until I saw the 3 inch long cockroach crawling on Corey’s bare leg.  One thing about me you must know is that I HATE bugs.  I don’t think anyone is fond of cockroaches, but let me tell you… I could not get out of that hotel room fast enough after that.  I scrambled out of bed, threw on some beach clothes and we were out the door, ready to look for shark’s teeth. We both had our smart phones out with the flashlight setting on, spending my first birthday hours splashing in the surf, leaning over, searching for the small black pointy objects and jumping for joy when we found a good one. It was peaceful and romantic.  The weather was perfect and the moon was shining bright.  We were all alone… or so we thought. We look up and see a short, squatty figure clambering over towards us in the dark.  At first it was startling, but then the figure spoke, introducing herself with a thick Jersey accent as “Monica from up north” and we introduced ourselves as well.  We would soon wish we hadn’t.  “Waddya doin’?” she asked.  As soon as her mouth opened, it never shut. “Ooo shark’s teeth! Is this one?” “Have you ever ate at Shoneys? They have great meatloaf and potatoes. I got the ice cream.” “That’s my son over there he has a little friend.” “Oh, your name is Corey? That’s a great name.” “I sure hope we can be friends. Maybe we’ll see each other tomorrow.” After about 30 minutes of nonstop babble, Corey and I finally escaped.  Our phones were about to die and I could tell from the look on Corey’s face that he was irritated and had been growing very impatient with the over-friendly, boisterous “Monica”.   Nonetheless, on the walk back to the hotel Corey still insisted we search for shark’s teeth.  So there we were, searching in the sand again.  Corey started to walk a little faster and was walking alone ahead of me.  I thought nothing of it.  After a while, when we were almost back to our starting point… he looked back and shouted “Oh wow I found a huge one! Come here!!!”  I sprinted towards him, excited to see what he had discovered.  As I approached, he was hunched down with his back facing me. I bent over to see what he had and he spun around, one knee on the ground, a little black box in his hand. I was so shocked and surprised I could not take it.  You see commercials and movie scenes with proposals your entire life… but nothing can prepare you for that precise moment when it happens to you.  So many emotions all at once.  You think you know how you will act until it happens.  For me, I could not stop laughing and telling Corey to “shut up”.  We were both laughing so hard and tearing up that when we finally stopped, Corey was speechless. “Well, are you gonna say it or what?” I shouted.  We were so caught up in the moment that Corey forgot his entire speech to me.  It was such a special, raw moment… I didn’t even care that he had nothing to say. J “Will you marry me?” he spurted out. And of course I said yes.  He stood up and we embraced.  We heard loud cheers from the hotel balconies behind us.  Little did we know, we had an audience for the whole thing! The yells and whoops made it even more celebratory for us.  It was the best birthday present I could have ever asked for. The picture I submitted was taken during a parasailing excursion about 36 hours before he proposed. J Corey (37 years old) is a federal correctional officer stationed in Beaver, WV.  I (26 years old) work at The Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, WV.  We share a love for training and competing in NPC bodybuilding competitions in our spare time. We plan to marry on August 22, 2015 in Lewisburg, WV (voted America’s coolest small town in 2012). Due to financial reasons we are having a long engagement (2 years to be exact).  If we were to win this wedding photography package it would be one of the biggest blessings we could hope for.  We were in the wedding party for Brittany and Derrick Martin and saw your incredible work first hand.  We would be so honored if you chose us for this giveaway!  Thank you for your time, and we hope you enjoyed our story.                                                                     Love, Corey and Casey

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